Three questions of tobacco license

No cigarette shop operators
Individual Lingshou Hu due to poor management and other reasons, resulting in long-closed or closed shop, but they saw newport 100 cigarettes prices st loise retail profitable, they could not bear to give up tobacco card, often in the same day delivery symbolically opened at the shop, then finished goods and She closed. This behavior appears to have a shop operator, in fact, the same nature and non-store operation, naturally prosecute object.
A place to advertise. Let Lingshou Hu must recognize that the normal newport cigarettes website operation of the cigarette shop, you can not put a cigarette into his home, but can not be directly reselling cigarettes to unscrupulous tobacconists. Second, we must investigate and collect evidence. Some Lingshou Hu in order to keep newport cigarettes at wholesale prices tobacco license, often to do some business illusion of confusion monopoly staff. This requires monopoly must learn to observe, from outside to inside, get conclusive evidence, expose false operation, timely investigation no shop management behavior, not illegal households "loophole" and disrupt the normal order of the cigarette business.
Lost license is not retroactive
In business, some of the Lingshou Hu or stacking shelves in a store renovation process, careless, lost tobacco license. After the loss of newport best price online tobacco is not timely apply for a new permit. When reminders monopoly personnel, some Lingshou Hu to newspaper statement, afraid to spend money on the grounds, will not be retroactive. Some said: "he is old business households, people know that we are surrounded by the holder households, retroactive not retroactive, little impact on operations."
I believe that this understanding and perspective is wrong. Like identity cards, like errands without identity, we will move an inch. Lingshou Hu license if lost, it is necessary to re-submit a timely application, without delay, to ensure that business is not affected. Monopoly staff through home inspection, permit inspection, permit the continuation, Serious View Lingshou Hu whether safekeeping license. For those who do not go through the permit timely Lingshou Hu to deal with according to the law, can not be tolerated.
No tobacco license suspended
Tobacco newport carton cigarettes monopoly license management approach clear: get Lingshou Hu tobacco monopoly retail licenses, to permit hanging prominently in the premises. In actual operation, the vast majority Lingshou Hu can do this, but some do light Lingshou Hu "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" card business. Some license locked in the closet, and some in a drawer, some on the shelf corner and so on. When monopoly staff how to smoke cigarettes supervision, they often reply: As long as shipping on the line, do not hang hanging permit does not matter.
There is evidence does not shine is obviously wrong. As Lingshou Hu, to recognize the need for bright card cigarettes wholesale business, and consciously suspended the license prominently premises, fixed to prevent falling. Are monopoly personnel should Lingshou Hu bright card business, as an important part of the home inspection, always remind Lingshou Hu bright card business.
In the course of routine inspections, we found that some Lingshou Hu for various reasons, there is a random shop relocation issue. Some Lingshou Hu do not recognize this smoke stop unlawful act. When ordered under the monopoly of staff issued a rectification notice, newport cigarette cartons cheap, often importune, resentment great.

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