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Common Questions of Cigarette "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" Use License

Hold the tobacco monopoly retail license is a prerequisite to carry out the law Lingshou Hu marlboro gold free shipping cigarette retail business, but also the difference between legitimate business and intuitive judgments illegal operation and important basis. In recent years, with the deepening of its tobacco monopoly laws and regulations, the majority of cigarette Lingshou Hu in daily operations, can consciously abide by monopoly regulations, the use of tobacco monopoly retail license according to the law, the initiative to accept the supervision and inspection newport cigarettes website of the issuing authority, to ensure that the monopoly infrastructure management meticulous work, strict specifications.

But it should be noted, Lingshou Hu made after individual marlboro gold online shop tobacco retail license, since that "With tobacco card, there will be a talisman", so in the business, from time to time violation "tobacco monopoly license management approach", many times by the monopoly department to investigate and punish in accordance with regulations. To this end, the author in accordance with regulatory requirements, the tobacco monopoly, combined with actual cases happening around, collate and analyze the Lingshou Hu illegal use of the license, cigarettes wholesale "six questions" and propose preventive measures, the will to enhance the tobacco monopoly retail license management level, to promote County Board activities to create outstanding depth.

In routine inspection found the marlboro red 100s cigarettes how to smoke cigarettes online tobacco monopoly retail license information and business license information does not match the individual Lingshou Hu. For example: its name (name) Lingshou Hu tobacco license on some of the "so and so (the owner name) grocery store," and the name (name), but on the business license for the "so-fruit", storefront signs of "a certain convenience store", "card, photos, signs" of the three names (name) is different, people looked confused, I do not know which one to prevail. Some tobacco license, although there is no transfer of license, but the license set forth above, the owner's name, and the license is the name of other family members.

Cause of this problem is multifaceted. First, industry and commerce, according to the tobacco sector in the office, accreditation process, the application materials submitted by the applicant household lax, the lack of communication has a direct relationship between the two departments, leading to discrepancies license information. On the other hand, the application user does not follow the regulations, to the business, the marlboro red 100's wholesale tobacco sector to submit application materials are inconsistent, tobacco and some do provide their identity card, to do business license, but provide identity information of other family members. Some smoke stop do a license, the license is not approved by its name (name) produced signs, but obedience of some alcohol, dairy products, beverage suppliers intent, arbitrary named, resulting in the name and license not shop signboards problem is very prominent.

To this end, the monopoly staff to strengthen publicity and education Lingshou Hu monopoly legislation, let them know in cigarette retail, marlboro red cigarettes online tobacco retail outlets must comply with the requirements of the rationalization of the layout and can not relocate the shop operators, undermining tobacco retail outlets rationalized, while for relocation households. Rationalization of distribution service director to do the work, so that they meet the new shop layout rationalize requirements to ensure the timely apply for a tobacco monopoly retail license.

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